Reaching the customer with the power of Video Production.

South Coast Fencing is a local company that specialises in providing high-quality fencing solutions to residents and businesses across the South Coast.

4.jpg 'SouthCoast Fencing Team' photo by Creation DMC™

They were looking to produce a promotional video that showcased their services and expertise, and they wanted to incorporate aerial drone videography and multiple site visits to add a dynamic and engaging element to the video. In the need of video services, they gave Creation DMC™ a call.

7.jpg 'Hardwood Gate with Auto-Electrics' photo by Creation DMC™

To get started, the production team at our agency conducted a discovery meeting with the South Coast Fencing team to understand their vision and goals for the video. We learned that they wanted to highlight their various fencing options and showcase their team's professionalism and attention to detail as well as the fact that they were a family founded business with humble beginnings.

3.jpg 'In the Office' photo by Creation DMC™

We then set out to scout multiple locations where we could film the team in action. We wanted to feature a variety of projects, including residential and commercial fencing installations, as well as some of their custom design work. We scouted locations across their catchment, and after a few rounds of vetting, we selected three sites that would work well for the video.

2.jpg 'Aerial Videography Screen Shot' photo by Creation DMC™

Next, we brought in our drone team to capture stunning aerial footage of the sites. The drone shots not only provided a unique perspective of the locations but also helped to highlight the scale and scope of the projects. We worked closely with the South Coast Fencing team to coordinate the drone shots with their on-site activities to ensure a smooth filming process.

During the on-site visits, we captured the team at work, showcasing their attention to detail and expertise. We interviewed some of their team members to get their insights and perspectives on the work they do and what sets them apart from their competitors.

13.jpg 'Aerial Shot' photo by Creation DMC™

Back in the editing room, we pieced together the footage and added in the South Coast Fencing team's messaging and branding elements to create a polished and professional commercial video. We incorporated the drone shots throughout the video to add a dynamic element and to give viewers a sense of the scale of the projects.

The final video was a huge success and exceeded the South Coast Fencing team's expectations. They were thrilled with how the video showcased their team's professionalism and expertise and provided a glimpse into the quality of their work. The video has been shared widely as social media content and has helped to increase their brand awareness and drive more business to their company. Using a professional Video Production Company PAYS OFF!

In conclusion, producing a promotional video for South Coast Fencing was a challenging but rewarding project. The multiple site visits and use of drone shots added a unique and engaging element to the video, while our collaboration with the South Coast Fencing team ensured that their messaging and branding were full made aware.