Earthborn Kings - Wastelander

Music Video Production

Earthborn Kings are a heavy metal band formed in 2013, known for their high-energy performances, powerful vocals, and crushing riffs. Their latest release, the EP "A Kingdom Dethroned," features a set of songs that explore themes of destruction, chaos, and the end of the world. With the release of their music video "Wastelander," Earthborn Kings faced the challenge of creating a compelling visual accompaniment to their music that would capture the attention of their fans and potential new listeners. The music video needed to reflect the apocalyptic themes of the song, while also showcasing the band's unique style and energy.

The "Wastelander" music video takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, featuring shots of a barren desert landscape, dilapidated buildings, and ominous skies. The band members are shown performing in the midst of this desolation, adding to the sense of chaos and destruction. The imagery is accompanied by the powerful vocals and heavy instrumentation of the song, creating a visceral experience for the viewer. To add to the intrigue of the video, Earthborn Kings also incorporated elements of storytelling into the visual narrative. The video follows a lone wasteland survivor, who is shown scavenging for supplies and navigating the treacherous landscape. As the video progresses, the survivor encounters the members of Earthborn Kings, who are revealed to be the leaders of a group of survivors fighting against the forces of destruction in the wasteland. The final shot of the video shows the survivor finally resting before death, pursued by another threat in the guise of a wastelander, hinting at a larger story beyond the confines of the music video.

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